Greetings from Las Terrenas! 

It is a pleasure to serve you. 

Our team is at your disposal. 

We know the region and the laws in detail. We do our best to help you find his dream property in this paradise. We speak Spanish, Italian, German and English. 

Samaná is another world - I discovered this corner of the Dominican Republic more than 20 years ago - I fell in love with its charm. 

In my heart I still carry the values and customs of my Italian origins. I was a businessman and entrepreneur in Bolzano. Perhaps it is the mixture of cultures that my homeland has that also fascinates me in Samaná. 

There are still many virgin areas in this part of the country, but the region is well developed - the ideal time for your investment. 

In many cases, we can even help you get a tax exemption on your investment. Las Terrenas offers a variety of activities and a rich gastronomic offer. 

We are specialists in the real estate business. The team is made up of real estate professionals, architects, builders and appraisers. We have reliable attorneys and appraisers. We advise you on these issues.  

I will gladly accompany you in the search for your dream land!

Gerhard Oberrauch


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Gerhard Oberrauch 

+1 849 210 4762

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Requirements for a successful land purchase 

About thirty years ago, the land here belonged to whoever farmed it. Only gradually were the lands included in the cadastre.

Where this has not yet been concluded, you can only use the land at enormous risk and after lengthy legal processes.  

- Therefore, we ONLY offer land where our owning company or its associates have the right to new valid property titles in their name. 

This ensures that the plots can be legally transferred to your name in a short period of time. 


find your dream land 

in Samana …

playa el valle

we have plots on the beachfront, plots on hills, many with sea views, and agricultural plots.

You can choose from a variety of plots for all possible uses. The territorial extension of our lands corresponds to 514 soccer fields. 

We will be happy to accompany you in your search. Maybe his dream property is there.  

Even if you prefer something that we do not offer ourselves, we will be happy to help you, along with our partner companies. 

Many of the properties offered here are owned by the company Tecnoterra SRL. The Dominican company has new and updated original cadastral titles for most properties and original title rights for some properties. (Stake)

We have no properties with ambiguous tenures or old and conflicting titles: all properties are in good condition and legally clear. 

This is very important for a successful purchase and for the property to be quickly transferred to your name.

The company is also open to investment or the acquisition of the entire portfolio of more than 3.6 million square meters.